Thursday, June 7

Spelling Bees Rule

I don't normally watch TV while I run at the gym. Tonight was different. The dude next to me was watching the tube, so I decided I shouldn't shut it off like I normally do. At least it was turned to ESPN. I can zone out ESPN just fine, thank you.

How happy I was to find ESPN covering the finals of the Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee!

I love words. I love kids. I love spelling. This was heavenly to me. I was giggling aloud at these little ones, and their so-intense severity. Watching the whole thing closed-captioned was a hilarious affair. In all of my dorkestry, this was just wonderful.

Do you know why I like the National Spelling Bee? It is a total celebration of kids from beginning to end. ESPN sports jockeys interviewed these 8 to 11-year olds as if they were superstars. It made me so happy.

I remember going to the District championships for the Spelling Bee in 5th grade. I had to study this insane dictionary book of ridiculous words. I didn't win. But it was great fun.

(Photo by Mark Bowen.)


lisa said...

Dear Queen of Words, I was aware that you put yourself through uni on your golf money but I had no idea you had been to a major spelling bee. How did I miss this choice piece of info about you? I'm now scratching my head to see if there is any choice pieces of info that you don't know about me :-) OH! Did you know that I won the district essay contest in 12th grade on Why I am Proud to be an American? Is that not ironic?? Me who has lived very little of my life inside the United States!

Jenelle said...

Well, sweet Lisa, I think it's just my pride that withheld that information. I didn't win, so it's pretty far back in my memory. I do have a competetive streak in me. I also competed in some Middle School Gameshow a'la Jeopardy that was held in the center of our mall. I think I won some lame dictionaries or something. The only question I remember getting correctly had to do with knowing in which city the Rose Bowl is played. Fair Pasadena!

Very ironical about your essay. You've told me about that, though. Dig deeper!

lisa said...

Seriously? I've told you that? OK.... let's see... Oh, I took a plate of refried beans layered with salsa, guacamole and sour cream to a church fiesta party once and I won Best Entry in the food contest that I didn't even know was going to happen. How's that for exciting and impressive?

Jenelle said...

You've told me that, too, while cooking dinner in your Manique kitchen, I believe. I have a strange memory with these sorts of things. Come on! More!

lisa said...

Oh dear. That means I must be a chronic show-off, dropping ridiculous stories to impress you.... Also means that you have hung around with me QUITE A LOT!

Jenelle said...

Oh now, you're not a show-off. You just get sweet and confessional while you're stirring things in the kitchen. I like that.

10,000 white doves said...

I think that it is time that you should know I was quite the spelling bee-er in my elementary and middle school days. Perhaps that`s why I like reading words.