Wednesday, June 27

A Kind Goodbye

Sunday night was my last hurrah at the church. We played CTF 5000 (Capture the Flag insane-o style) and ate too much pizza. And then the kiddos blindsided me with the sweetest surprise: thank you cupcakes. A handful of them stood up in front of the group and said things they'd miss about me, they prayed for me, and put on a cute slideshow. Then came the cupcakes.

I am very difficult to surprise. But this was such a kind goodbye.

I taught on Luke 4 and Colossians 1, about Jesus' mission and how he wants to live out that mission of love and healing mysteriously through us. How the mystery is that, "Christ lives in and through you." It was great fun.

The younger ones left and then I showed the movie Invisible Children to the more mature folk. It was good that the 24-7 prayer room was still open, because we all sort of needed to just sit in silence and pray afterward. Have you seen this incredible documentary, yet?

Invisible Children: Rough Cut Trailer

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10,000 white doves said...

"Desires compos`d, affections ever ev`n,
Tears that delight, and sighs that waft to Heaven.
Grace shines around her with serenest beams,
And whisp`ring angels prompt her golden dreams."

Jenelle said...

thank you for reminding me of ancient rhymes that ought to be re-read. eloisa is such a nice name, don't you think?

Agent B said...

Invisible Children has been showed in my town..twice I think. And I missed it both times. Want to see it bad.

All the best to you with your new adventures.

Fill me in on those adventures when you get the chance...

lisa said...

It was part of the avalanche that got us moving back here again...

lisa said...

an ps congrats on reaching this new season :-)