Wednesday, June 20

Fire at Simple Way House: Pray, Please

I just got word that this morning there was a 7-alarm fire at the Simple Way house in Philadelphia, home of Shane Claiborne. Shane recently penned The Irresistible Revolution, a book on his experiences of living in this new monastic community he helped to establish.

Here's what Billy from the Ashram just wrote about the fire:

I am deeply saddened to report that the Simple Way house at 3200 Potter Street was very badly damaged, and from what I've heard, has been condemned and will probably be torn down soon. I just got off the phone with Chris Lahr and he told me that apparently everyone is ok, though it sounds like Shane made a pretty narrow escape and everyone has lost a lot of valuable personal articles. I think that I can safely speak for anyone who has ever been to 3200 Potter when I say that we've all lost something that is a vital part of our unfolding communal story. This place has truly been one of the most important and life changing destinations for Christian pilgrims in America over the course of the last decade.

It's important that we pray for this community in Philly. They are trailblazers and way-preparers.

(Thanks to Beth for the transluscent news.)


cari said...

That is terrible! Wow.

I was wondering- where do you recycle your CD jewel cases?

10,000 white doves said...

I hope one day to live among that community. at least for a time.

Jenelle said...

It is terrible. I recycle the paper to my CD cases via homemade envelopes and I leave the plastic with our nice recycling truck. It comes on Tuesdays in La Plata.

Jenelle said...

Let's go to Philly together, then.

Whitney said...

Well then, I hope to meet you in August! =) How long are you going to be in Portugal?

Whitney said...

We'll be there from the 12th to the 26th.