Friday, June 15

Synchroblog on Untouchables

I am writing book reviews en masse for my last class this quarter, feeling the buzz of deadlines like adrenaline in my blood. Otherwise I would've liked to be a part of this month's Synchroblog. Check out what these smart Synchro folks are saying about those in society who seem to be "The Untouchables."

Mike Bursell muses about Untouchables
David Fisher on Touching the Pharisees - My Untouchable People Group
Adam Gonnerman with Quickened Pen
Michael Bennet writes Nothing more than the crust life
Jeremiah at Models of church leadership and decision-making as
they apply to outreach

John Smulo talks about Christian Untouchables
Sally Coleman shares on The Untouchables
Sam Norton talks about Untouchables
Steve Hayes on Dalits and Hindutva
Sonja Andrews visits the subject here
Fernando A. Gros speaks up on Untouchability And Glocalisation
Phil Wyman throws out the Loose Lips - A "SinkroBlog"
Josh Rivera does his stuff with the

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