Friday, June 22

Donating to The Simple Way and Potter St.

After the fire, The Simple Way has announced two ways you can give to rebuild their community. I'm amazed that at a time when they could take "all the money for themselves" that they are likewise raising support for all of their neighbors on Potter Street. This is the Way of Jesus.

Click here to give: Rebuild their Community.

I couldn't give very much either, but lots of simple gifts go a long Simple Way.

You can give towards...
1. The Rebuilding Fund
For The Simple Way community, we are setting up a fund that helps community members recover their losses and begin to decide what to do next. This will also support the projects of community like the community gardens, Cottage Printworks, Yes! And..., and other things in and around Potter Street.

2. Kensington Families Fund

For the families on Potter Street, H Street, and Westmoreland whose lives have been disrupted by this fire, a fund to support these families has been established. This money will go to help families in The Simple Way’s neighborhood.


10,000 white doves said...

i never told you about the night laurel and i went bicycling down our street in the rain with no shoes on...
come soon!

jenniferjoan said...

Hey, didn't know you knew who Shane Claiborne is!! I have friends scattered throughout his book....Chris is in the first couple chapters, then others later on. They all went to Eastern with him....good friends of mine :) Have you read the book? Pretty incredible, eh?

Jenelle said...

You're so famous. You'll have to point out who your friends are from Eastern. I haven't read the book, but I found out about The Simple Way back in 2001-ish cause my little group of friends in college called ourselves "the simple kids." We were sort of a house church without meaning to be. And I was amazed what Shane and his friends were doing in Philly.