Wednesday, April 11

At the Cross

Tonight in Sofia, Bulgaria, my friend Brooke is sharing about the power of the cross with a bunch of International and Euro teens. Above is a combination of five canvases that her husband Tate painted as illustrations for each of Brooke's nightly messages. She'll smoosh all the canvases together to portrait the Father reaching to the world through His Son. It's such a nice illustration.

If you are a praying-type, now would be a nice time to ask the Holy Ghost to do wonderful healing things in the hearts and minds of all those teenagers.

These days the thing I'm bringing to the cross most often is my independence. I want to learn what it means to live in healthy interdependence between myself and God, and myself and others. Most of my life I think I've tended to live in psychotic polarization: either acting as if I don't need anyone, or being emotionally addicted to my closest friends. I have so much to learn. In the meantime, I don't want to hide behind my independent-spirit, any longer.


Arianna said...

I`ve found that I have become less dependent on people and more dependent on the One who created them. Solitude in the garden brings many seeds to bloom.

Jenelle said...

Yes'm, yes, dear. Thank you for the testimony. (I recently learned that testimony means "Do it again, Lord," as in, "for my brother or sister.") May the borders of our solitude become far more expansive, particularly in the garden. Sowing for ourselves righteousness and reaping the fruit of unfailing love...