Thursday, April 26

Definitive Band for Spring

Some say Spring is the season of love. For me, Spring is the season of great bands on tour! Tomorrow night I'm driving up to PA to see the illustrious Mates of State, the definitive Spring band. Why, you ask? Because Mates of State combine rock and love and still make everybody dance. (Kori and Jason are married. So this is one two-piece with quite an onstage dynamic.)

I don't think there's a band I've enjoyed live more than Mates of State. (Over the Rhine is a close second, another husband/wife band.) Their tunes are spilling with fun, each ready to surprise with quirky progression changes. And the tickets are somehow still cheap. How lovely is indie. Click here to read more and download some MP3s that will make you grin.

I was happy to find out that Kori is now blogging about life as a rock-mom. Their little one, Magnolia, often comes with them on the road. I appreciate that they prove to the world that you can live your dreams, be artful, and still be good parents, all at the same time:

"It seems we can't make the rockers happy because we are happily married, and we can't make the normal family people happy because our kids might know what a soundcheck is...On this tour, we've seen parents bringing their kids to shows, kids making T-shirts for bands, and next month we're going to see a couple family bands that play for other families..."

(Photos by Presta.)


cari said...

Mates of State reminds me of waiting at Peace Arch crossing on the into Canada (Vancouver, BC border). My friend Amanda and I listened to all of Bring It Back while we waited (like an hour). That's rad you're going to see them! Trevor Borden is coming with me to see Bright Eyes next Saturday. Ok, I have an essay I'm trying to finish by 6pm for my night class. Last class before finals though:) Love and joy to you Nelly!

lisa said...

i like the whole family thing. maybe because we drag our kids around the world with us :-)

Les said...

I'm a little confused. It's definitely Autumn here :)

Sydney said...

How do you learn about all of these cool indie bands?

Arianna said...

perhaps could you pray that this little bird`s listening ears would connect to a believing heart? thank you.