Friday, April 6

To Recreate Us

I often have trouble feeling particularly contemplative on the Holy Days. I think it's this rebellious strain in me that wants to find all the days holy. (And, just my rebellious pride, probably.) Today while I was running I decided that a simple song by Sufjan Stevens would be my Good Friday praise refrain. It's called Chicago. It makes me think of my black heart and how happy I am that Jesus still fights for it.

if I was crying
in the van, with my friend
it was for freedom
from myself and from the land
I made a lot of mistakes
I made a lot of mistakes
I made a lot of mistakes
I made a lot of mistakes

you came to take us
(all things go, all things go)
to recreate us
(all things grow, all things grow)
we had our mindset
(all things know, all things know)
you had to find it
(all things go, all things go)

You can listen to the song here. (Or get the whole record: Come on, Feel the Illinoise!)


cari said...

Hi lovely, good post:) I shared it with my friend Bethany (the girl with long curly red hair in my suite?). I am staying at her house in San Diego for Easter. So, I was thinking, if you want to call, Bethany offered to let you call her cell phone: 760-468-6846.

Jenelle said...

Thanks for sharing, dear Cari. I just received a letter from you and am making (shade grown, organic, fair trade) coffee to read it properly.

kerri said...

hi jenelle! so good to find you alive and well on here! i'm loving this post, i too have been listening to a lot of sufjan this easter weekend, i love how truth just seeps from his music. hope to see you this summer in hungary at staff conference...