Friday, April 13

Jackie Pullinger Rocks my iPod

Today I listened to a rickety old mp3 by Jackie Pullinger. (It must've been transferred from 8-track to tape to mp3 because the recording was just horrible.) But, oh! her incredible stories from life in the streets of Hong Kong were like an intravenous dose of dripping faith into my spirit. Woooo! Jackie Pullinger is hardcore. She's also a sassy thing. I giggled aloud listening to her go.

She was illustrating the truth that God allows us to speak (pathetically) about him as he draws men and women to Himself. And that we ought to change our pitiful "bless me" prayers to "oh! let me partner with you in what you're already doing." Her message invited me to take myself less seriously, and to take prayer much more seriously. (And to really value my own private prayer in tongues, too.)

I loved the story of when Jackie was sharing the gospel at a Chinese dinner-party. One of the men fell asleep just as she started speaking. But the moment he awoke he said (ever so oddly), "I must accept Jesus now."

When questioned later, he said, "When the lady started talking, I thought, 'I don't need to listen anymore,' so I just went to sleep. I started dreaming, and Jesus came to me and said, 'It's time for you to stop resisting me, and to accept me.' And so, when I woke up, that's the first thing I knew I needed to do."

Download lots of rickety-old Jackie Pullinger messages here and get your sweet soul rocked: Sermon Index.

(iPod image HT: Foread on Flickr)


lisa said...

Hurray hurray for Jackie Pullinger and for the Holy Spirit and for rickity recordings. I need an IV! Fun to talk to you today, you wild HS girl :-)

Les said...

Jackie Pullinger is so inspiring but I want to aspire to that faith and not just be inspired. God is so awesome.

Agent B said...

I heard jackie speak at Blood-n-Fire in Atlanta 7 years ago. She's the real deal.

Jenelle said...

It was fun to talk to you, too. I'm surely a lot less wild than I'd like to be!

Jenelle said...

I feel the same way, not inspired, aspired. Lately I think I've felt lazy, bored, and tired.

Jenelle said...

Agent B,
I guess you'd have to have something like a tongue of Holy Spirit fire resting on your head to speak at a conference called Blood-n-Fire! I would really like to hear her in person.

Agent B said...

oh yeah...Blood-n-Fire is a church in the inner city of Atlanta.

Jenelle said...

Agent B,
Assuredly assuredly I say unto you, I need more churches in my life with such names.