Tuesday, April 17

Renew Us

I think we could all use a hopeful song right about now.

My dear friend Elise just recorded her newest song, "Renew." I am amazed by it. (I'm amazed by her.) I told her that listening to it has the effect of being surprised by sudden warm winds, like the Santa Ana's in a California autumn.

See if you can listen to her song and not find yourself smiling at the end. Click here to listen. Elise Witek played the guitar and sang lead vocals, Sarah Halford sang the soprano vocals, and Allyson Arendsee played the piano.

If you are a lover of words (I am), you'll want to read these. You may even like to pray them, when you're all out of your own words:

by Elise Witek

Been walking around for years
But still unborn
Success plastered on a tree with lights adorned

Staring through the pines, see a hollow trunk inside

Will you renew? Will you renew? Will you renew joy?

Swords growing dull
Rusting in the rain
The battle's already won, but can't see the gain

Paralyzed by fear,
Paralyzed by pride,
Paralyzed by the thought that we're the god of our lives.

Will you renew? Will you renew? Will you renew us?

I've been dying ever since the day I was born
Longing to see fire where marrow has formed
I listen to a Voice that's never told a lie
So why should I deny that you will renew?

Will you renew?
Will you renew?
Will you renew us?

(Photo by: Gep)


Rachel said...

I pray this song with all of my heart. Thanks to Elise for beautiful words and hopeful sounds.

Brian Heasley said...

fantastic lyrics, so true and honest

cari said...

She has a gift, that one. Sarah and I listened to this Monday and I just cried. I think it's a good thing to pray over our fathers, especially. I'm drinking a bad cup of watery coffee at Coffee Cat. Jenelle, I miss you. How are your studies doing? Almost done with the semester? San Francisco Mayterm isn't happening (what a bummer!), but I'll be here in the Barb until June 8th. I'm writing a play review right now on part 2 of the Redemption History series (at Westmont, have you heard about this project?). Basically this one goes from the time of Abraham until the resurrection. It was overwhelming and incredible. Will you pray my review does it justice? I want to honor this retelling of the story of humanity. peace and love to you, maybe I will call you this weekend if that's ok:)

Arianna said...

that special girl let me listen to her new song two evenings ago.