Monday, April 9

Gospel Choir 101

I think I need more gospel choirs in my life. Today for our Easter celebration we were led in worship by a small gospel choir from folks in our congregation. It was so lovely and quite celebratory. As much as I love acoustic guitars and earth instruments in worship, there's something about clapping aloud and feeling a part of the big choir. Gospel music sort of insists that you sway and move. And sweat a little while you're singing. I like that sort of worship.

I often overlook the fact that South Potomac Church has such a blend of races worshipping within her. I am grateful to have this short season of my life back in this hometown church.

Shangri-la! This is my 101st post. Happy Day. Jesus lives.

(Choir HT: Dogseat on Flickr and the Stop-Shopping Church Choir!!)


lisa said...

Hey! Many Cucamongas! Good job on 101 posts :-)

Jenelle said...

Why thank you, high-blog-priestess, Lisa. I associate cucamongas with cowabungas, so they must be good.

cari said...

Nelly, he posted on my blog. Good things. Jesus is so rad to me. At any rate, I think maybe this ongoing conversation will help unravel some of the offense I've taken and stony heart I've turned toward him at points in our friendship.

Thank you for all the insight.

PS, two of my good friends asked me to room with them today! I'm a little shocked right now that Jesus really comes through whether or not I trust him. You should watch Brother Sun, Sister Moon.

Oh Jesus, make us faithful back.