Sunday, April 29

A School House

I had a pleasant trip up north to see Mates of State. Wish I could've encouraged the crowd at Messiah College to bounce a little more, though. (Maybe they think Jesus doesn't dance. I dunno.) Turns out the show was a benefit for Invisible Children in Uganda. That made me happy.

Since I was in Baltimore this afternoon I had the chance see my longtime friend, Kristin. It was so nice to hold her handsome newborn baby, Brendan. Kristin was a mentor and older sister to me all throughout college. It worked out fine that she was in grad school for counseling all the while I was the wreck of the Titanic and needed her to counsel me. Kris is one of the most excellent listeners on the planet. She taught me how to not be such a "strong girl," and to learn how to feel all over again. It's nice to hold her babies now that she's all grown up.

I got pretty teary tonight as I asked Jesus to bless Kristin real good. I realized all at once how much of her I've brought with me into my friendships. She left me a path of clear footprints to try to follow, particularly in the shape of learning to listen to people, and in some basic counseling skills.

Friendships are such nice school houses to sit in. The notes on the chalkboard get written all over our manners and memories, sometimes without us even noticing.

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cari said...

Yeah, that's really true about friendship.

Am I messaging you to much lately? Lol, I feel kind of intense, but I really like all of these posts:)

Are you feeling any of my writing these days? It's more honest, I think, than normal, and I'm getting a little insecure because no one is posting on it... maybe I should delete them and lay off for a while? Not spill things on xanga?

Hey! Ansel Adams exhibit at the museum right now! I'm going to go see it sometime soon. But right now I suppose I should study for finals. Hope your Sunday is lovely and restful. Peace.

cari said...

Yeah, I guess I do write really vulnerably sometimes (on xanga), and maybe that's because I can't see people, but also... well, I'm not sure how to explain it, except that I want to, well obviously, try to understand life and myself and God better through writing, but also because I want to give people something. I want to give them honesty and sincerity, something harsh and throbbing and real, because maybe there's something beautiful in that. So I guess it doesn't really matter to me who reads my writing, or my online writing anyway, but hopefully something in it is resounding or connecting with them. Thank you for asking.

I wish you efficiency and productivity and learning over your studies... I have some to myself this week for finals! Yeah, and I'll pray you (and me) develop good habits so that Jesus can have more room and time in our lives.

love you!

Melissa said...


I enjoyed talking with you last night so much! I really miss you! I love reading your blogs. This one in particular grabbed me. Can I quote you? That last bit about friendship was brilliant. I love it. I want to keep it as one of my collected quotes. Anyway, I used to have a blog, but I find that I am not an amazing writer. Perhaps I will try again, if I have time. Blogging is kind of theraputic for me, even if the writing isn't that great. If I do I'll let you know. Love you much