Sunday, April 22


per·e·grine /ˈpɛrɪgrɪn, -ˌgrin, -ˌgraɪn/
1. foreign; alien; coming from abroad.
2. wandering, traveling, or migrating.
3. peregrine falcon.

I just got The Appleseed Cast's new record, Peregrine. I had to look up what peregrine means, and am now pleased to find a new adjective for my heart.

This record is keeping me awake so that I can study Romans for my NT class. Each track is brimming with these sweeping atmospheric rock melodies infused with tinges of acoustic bliss. Their stuff is just as beautiful as I remembered it from when I heard them play in a tiny bar in Baltimore, back in college. I squeezed into the room with a boy I had a massive ridiculous crush on, and the band mesmerized us on an almost-broken stage. At least the crush was a lesson in discovering good music. I'm amazed that seven years later, The Appleseed Cast is still swooping low under the radar. Guess that makes them a bit of a musical peregrine.

It's not so often I find a record to (literally) put on repeat, but this is definitely one of them. You can stream some of Peregrine from here: The Appleseed Cast.


Sydney said...

Hey Jenelle,

We've never met, but we do have a mutual friend in Brooke Johnston. She used to lead my high school youth group here in Virginia. Now she lives overseas and it's amazing that you know her.
I've officially read your entire blog... and I love it. You have such a unique life. I have enjoyed reading your blog and intend to keep checking in for updates. I can't remember how I stumbled on your blog... probably searching for International House of Prayer on google. I do heart that place. I just got back from a short trip there recently, for their Israel Mandate conference.
Your posts resonate with my heart and I'm glad that God led me to your blog. You seem like such a free spirit and I think that's awesome.
I'm tempted to say that if we ever met in person we'd be fast friends, as we seem to have a similar love for God and for 24/7 prayer. I do find your heart before the Lord, as I've seen it on here, fascinating. And I hope that's not weird for you.

I really just wanted to stop by and say hey cause I've thoroughly enjoyed your blog.


lisa said...

hey wandering falcon woman,

i've often heard jesse say "peregrine falcon" because, as you know, he is very into Creation and enjoys it thorougly and know things like bird names. i never knew it had such a cool meaning.

that's really neato keen. (and I mean it!)

Jenelle said...

It's so lovely to hear from you. Thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by! I'm a little jealous that you got to go to that Israel Mandate at IHOP. I heart that place, too, as well sa the 24-7 Prayer Boiler Room in the same city there.

I can't imagine how ridiculously fun it must've been to have Brooke as your youth leader. She is a legend. Does that mean that you're a Virginia-ite? If you're still there, we're maybe neighbors. Drop me an email and maybe we could have lunch one day. (freshgreenbeans at yahoo) Many blessings.

Jenelle said...

I've been thinking about Jesse with this record a lot. Not because of the birdie name, but because earlier in the semester he was wanting new instrumental rock to pray/worship to. I need to send him a mix cause this record has some unbelievable wordless tracks.

lisa said...


Arianna said...

I truly admire your musical decisions. When are you coming to California so we may share a silent meal and a cup of chamomile?

Arianna said...

I`ll be back August twelfth.