Saturday, April 21

Growing Up A Little

I had such a nice day yesterday. There's nothing like sharing a good meal and a great band with dear friends. Especially friends who live on a different continent. I didn't sleep one singular wink Thursday night. I'm such a kid. I was so excited for it to be Friday that I couldn't sleep. Coffee + Jesus + adrenaline = Who needs sleep?

With all the changes coming in my life soon, I'm happy to just learn better how to be God's daughter. It's so much simpler. I really enjoy being a kid, but lately I feel like he's been helping me grow up in little ways. Like learning how to put money in my savings account and really actually following my get out of debt plan. He's so nice and helps me when I mess up. Great Dad, he is.

(Photo by B tal)


cari said...

Just wanted to share this ridiculous post script of an email I just got from mi madre:
(By the way, Becky Musson told Caity to tell you that Nathaniel says 'hi').

Lol, what? His mom told my sister when she was playing with his sister to tell my mom to tell me that her son, my friend, says hi?

I'm so happy your time with your amiga was lovely. Tell me about that concert sometime!

Arianna said...

umm. yes. i really like your heart. and you. and the Jesus that you love also. thankyou for being a child.