Thursday, April 19

Oh, Happy Friday

I am a happy girl. Tomorrow I'm driving up to seaside Annapolis for a class to learn how to start doing some zany web design. Years ago in Portugal, I started using Dreamweaver MX, but wasn't very good at updating my old site. (I hope this bloggy thing will get me back into the groove. over 101 posts = good sign.) Soon I'd like to start designing my own site again. If I'm any good at it, I'll help others do the same. My Dad paid for the course because he thinks it'll be good for my creative juices. (What a great Daddy.)

And and and! After the class I'm meeting sweet Jane and Martin in old towne Annapolis! (In case you don't know, this is a very rare occurance, because they live a world away in Prague! Jane and I lived together in Portugal as we held down the Young Life fort in Lisbon. Now she's married to Martin and they're working with Czech kiddos.) So nice.

As if that weren't enough, the three of us are going to see one of my all-time favorite bands, Over the Rhine! Happy Friday!


Rachel said...

that sounds like a DREAM friday, not just a happy one. : ) give jane a hug for me. r [hi jane, i bet you read this today.]

cari said...

Over the Rhine!!! That is nectar! And with two lovely friends, tell me how it is. What exactly is a Dreamweaver class? Like about dreams or something? Have you seen Jesus Camp?

Thanks for the message back. I am not speaking French but would very much like to learn. The words on my xanga are from a French song we're singing in choir; we have a concert tonight. (I like choir but hate the performances, boring!) But after that we're doing that rock of faithfulness altar thing, like in the OT. Have you heard about that?

Anyway, my xanga says, "Hello, Spring! (Greetings, welcome, I can't believe it's you!), Young season, fields in flowering." It's really pretty.

I do not come to your coast soon, lol, sorry. I don't know how I communicated that, but it's not true, bummer. I do have $200 off my next ticket on Alaska/Horizon though, so maybe I could come visit you this summer. I'd have to save some money. Would you feel that? I mean, I know you're really busy.

You should listen to some Pigeon John songs here, listen to "Be": go to relevantmag, then music downloads under media. Your blog won't let me include the link, sorry:p

Everything is nothing without love, my friend. Hope to hear you this weekend!

lisa said...

hey, how was the concert? no nice live music in my life these days, other than trevor playing his guitar around the house, which is always good. he is busking in old town with colin tonight :-) we drove past them on our way home from our date and they looked cute and sounded good. that's my great live music experience recently!